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    Corporate Events in the Southwest

    We customize our events and designs to ensure that they are appropriate and fitting for each occasion. For corporations and large groups, we have designed trade show booths, organized annual employee dinners and corporate parties, orchestrated grand openings and overseen important announcements, ensuring that all events happen seamlessly and with the perfect amount of pomp and formality. That same level of care and attention to detail is the hallmark of our work with private groups and individuals. Whatever the event, we cover every aspect.

    Your corporate events in New York City, New York, New Jersey or the Southwest US will be afforded the utmost in personalized care and attention from our talented, accomplished floral and design teams. Our own large production facilities in New Jersey, New York and Fort Worth are within easy reach of some of the worlds’ most high-end venues, all the better to cater to your events in such luxurious spaces as the Loews’, Trump National, Waldorf Astoria and other unique locales.

    Corporate Events in New York City

    Our mission in designing a space is to turn it into a canvas for a truly memorable event. From custom furniture to stunning centerpieces, we are known in the industry for our attention to detail. We ensure that fabrics, lighting, ice sculptures, custom head tables and floral arrangements all come together to create the right environment for you and your guests to relax in, socialize and celebrate. Details are important to make our designs exquisite, and every detail is thoughtfully and creatively chosen. We care!

    At Elegant Affairs, we fully understand that client communication is an imperative part of the décor process and strive to include your input and ideas throughout, while also ensuring that the operations remain stress-free and in our capable hands. Corporate events are given the same level of warm, personalized attention from our master decorators as are our individual weddings and celebrations, and we strive at every opportunity to ensure your complete satisfaction with your design and event proceedings. Corporate events, from client or employee dinners and parties to ribbon-cuttings, are the perfect opportunity to have your brand reflected in an elegant, tasteful manner through dazzling décor, and it is vital that your proceedings go off without a hitch!

    Corporate Events in New Jersey

    Our clients in New York City, New Jersey and across the country have roundly awarded Elegant Affairs with the accolades that have given it a reputation as the go-to provider for elegant décor in weddings and corporate events. Our New York City wedding florists and design team have been featured in a variety of television and print publications, and with a very high referral rate and countless positive reviews available online, we are proud to represent our brand. For more information about the décor and design services we offer to New York, New Jersey, Dallas and elsewhere, we encourage you to contact us online or at one of our showroom locations.